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Pig production and development

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Since 1969 at the service of the sector

Sertic develops its activity in the sector of pig production and development facilities.

Proven experience in pig production and development facilities. With each of the projects developed for more than 45 years on the market, we have accumulated a deep knowledge of the needs of small, medium and large producers, needs to which we always respond with quality products and systems, competitive and perfectly adapted to the characteristics of each installation.

Along with this know-how, the ability to adapt and control all the processes that the fact of being manufacturers gives us, guarantees the competitiveness, reliability and durability of our equipment, which translates into long-lasting installations life, low maintenance and high profitability.

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Custom facilities and manufacturing

Since 1969 , Sertic in Solsona designs and manufactures customized solutions for pig production and development facilities .

Since its foundation it has combined its experience as a supplier of customized solutions for production facilities in the pig sector , with the manufacture of equipment for sectors as diverse as industry, architecture or signaling and signs .

Comprehensive attention to your needs


With own means for its manufacture and installation.


Boxes and separators suitable for covering, gestation, etc.


Farrowing machines with all the safety for piglets.


Supply and integral assembly of weanings.


Comprehensive solutions for fattening.


Insemination centers.


Organization and use

Whatever the size of the facility, animal welfare and health are becoming increasingly important. Sertic ‘s solutions for the organization and management of these pay special attention to ergonomics. 

But not only for the animals, aspects such as the ease of regulation and handling revert to making the work of the  personnel who attend the farms.



The extensive experience of Sertic al  sector has allowed us to focus the design on fundamental aspects for any operation. Equipment and accessories for feeding and troughs are made of stainless steel, which increases their life cycle while reducing maintenance needs. 

Its aim is to facilitate the access of animals as well  how to provide substantial savings in water consumption.

Pig production and development. Sertic Solutions.


Air conditioning

The control of temperature and air quality in the warehouses are not only crucial factors for the well-being of the animals, but also have a significant impact on energy consumption. In this area, Sertic implements the most advanced technology to guarantee a high energy efficiency of our air conditioning systems.

The aim is to achieve optimal temperature control, high yields and high flows with the minimum possible consumption, both in natural and forced ventilation.

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